60-year-old pregnant woman – ‘a healthy mother and a healthy child’

Associate Professor, Dr. Vu Van Tam – Director of Hai Phong Obstetrics Hospital has just performed a successful cesarean section for a NTM woman, born in 1963. This is the oldest woman to date to give birth. at the hospital.
Mrs. M., a pregnant woman , shared that she and her husband have two children, a daughter and a son. The eldest daughter is currently residing abroad, the son unfortunately passed away at the age of 20 in an accident.

After her son’s incident, she and her husband were extremely miserable, sad, and lonely. Wishing to have a child by my side to make me “happy at home, happy at home” but never fulfilled, perhaps because my grandparents are getting older, the ability to get pregnant naturally is no longer possible.

Through research, they learned that there are many women her age who can still give birth with the help of IVF technology. After much hesitation and consideration, they decided to discuss with their daughter and family members. They received enthusiastic support from everyone, making them extremely excited, helping them gain more energy and confidence. Believe to fulfill your wishes.

In 2022, when she was 59 years old, her husband was 62, they came to the Fertility Center to express their wish to have IVF. The doctors discussed their concerns and worries. high, there will be many potential risks…, but her and her husband’s desire, energy, and belief convinced them and the IVF process was carried out as she and her husband wished. Miraculously, the second embryo transfer was successful.

The pregnancy went smoothly. On June 1, 2023, Mrs. M. showed signs of labor. Associate Professor, Dr. Vu Van Tam – Hospital Director directly performed a cesarean section for her, a baby girl weighing 3. 1 kg was born healthy in the happiness of the family.

Age U60 is no longer the appropriate age for women to give birth. But, due to certain conditions and circumstances, they still want to become mothers, even at old age, what they need is desire, energy and belief. Regardless of age, pregnancy and childbirth are always wonderful experiences for women.

It is known that previously, at Hai Phong Obstetrics Hospital, there were 2 births at the ages of 51 and 54.

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